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Trust Our First-Rate Albany Cash For Junk Cars & Trucks Specialists

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Do you own a junk vehicle that's making the outside of your home look worn and tacky? If you've been struggling to find a solution to get rid of an old car or truck, we offer cash for junk cars & trucks in and around Albany, no matter what shape they're in.

At Kennedy Galluzzo Scrap Metal & Salvage, you can trust us to keep it simple. If you have a junk vehicle, we'll buy it. The type or age of the vehicle doesn't matter. We'll offer cash for junk cars & trucks if they're wrecked or simply not working due to mechanical issues. Our specialists come to you, pay cash on the spot, and will tow your car or truck for free. You can expect an honest quote and quick pick-up, usually within 24 hours. Customers trust our experts because they're knowledgeable when it comes to quoting prices on junk cars for Albany residents. We're fair and competitive, so you won't have to wonder if you're getting the highest possible offer. We're the best in the business because we offer more than just cash for your junk car. We pay for old industrial equipment and all types of scrap metal. You could literally have hundreds of dollars worth of junk sitting in your yard! Touch base with our specialists today and find out how much your junk car, truck, or equipment is worth.

Why Should I Remove My Junk Car?

Junk cars can be dangerous to your yard and the environment, which is why you should sell your car if you've had it sitting too long. Chemicals like gas, oil, antifreeze, and battery acid are toxic and can cause harm to the air and earth if they aren't safely disposed of. Even old tires, which aren't biodegradable, can become troublesome if left in an area for an extended period. A professional scrap metal and salvage company will safely professionally dispose of your damaged car parts and tires. Every inch of your vehicle, including the battery, which is extremely harmful to the environment, can be carefully removed and appropriately recycled.

Getting cash for junk cars & trucks in Albany is easy when you work with the Kennedy Galluzzo Scrap Metal & Salvage team. Call us for junk car removal and get paid for keeping the environment safe!

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