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Prepare for the Scrapyard

Prepare for the Scrapyard Kennedy Galluzzo Scrap Metal & Salvage is a vital resource center in Albany for mechanics or auto owners who are looking for used parts. Although purchasing a used auto part from a junkyard can be a risk, most car owners know that you don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. Meaning that just because one part on a vehicle is faulty, doesn’t mean the entire vehicle is faulty. Car owners have saved thousands of dollars purchasing perfectly functional auto parts from used cars at junkyards. If you’ve never been to a junkyard, it can be intimidating. So we’ve listed some items you should know upon your first visit.

Call Ahead

It is always best to see if the make, model and year of your car is available at the junkyard. Vehicle turnover is high, so don’t assume that even the most popular models will be in stock. When asking about your vehicle be specific, and ask for the specific part.

Take Photos

Unless you are an experienced mechanic, there’s a good chance you won’t remember the details of the auto part you are looking for. There also may be subtle differences in shape, size and construction that vary from vehicle to vehicle. Another idea is to bring the actual part that you are trying to replace if it is possible to do so.

Take Tools

Load up your tool box and take every tool you think you may need. Err on the side of safety. Bring all your tools.

Return Policy?

Remember that there are no warranties on used vehicle parts; be sure to ask about a Junkyard’s return policy. It is common sense to assume that the part you are purchasing may or may not work. Inspect the part and give it your best guess.

Find Out Where to Go

Most Junkyards categorize their vehicles into Make, Model & Type. When you enter the Junkyard it is always best to ask where the ‘Chrysler’ or ‘Foreign Model’ section is. Some Junkyards offer a map.

Keep demolition to a minimum

Sometimes it is difficult getting to a part without ripping or busting through other parts, but always consider the person coming in after you. Destroying parts when you really didn’t need to is wasteful.

Be careful!

Junkyards are, by nature, high risk areas. Glass, screws, wires, cables, and sharp metal edges are everywhere. Wear protective gloves, boots and clothing. Some vehicles which are delivered to junkyards are biohazards. This means that there was a casualty from an auto accident. Blood or other stains may still be president. Most vehicles in this condition are marked with a biohazard sign which is clearly visible. If you unsure about what to look for, then talk to the staff at the junkyard.

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