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What Does a Salvage Company Salvage from Your Junk Car?

What Does a Salvage Company Salvage from Your Junk Car? You have a beat-up vehicle in your backyard that you've been meaning to restore to its former glory, but you just can't find the time to work on it. Maybe you should reach out to a Brunswick junk car salvage company so that they can take the car off your hands. After all, junk car removal will relieve you of the burden and allow you to focus on more urgent projects.

When a junk car salvage company removes your car after paying you a fair price for it, the car is towed to the junkyard and dismantled. Then the useful parts are sold, and the scrap metal is recycled.

Pulled Parts

Salvage yards will remove sellable parts from junk cars before they are crushed. These parts are cleaned, reconditioned, examined, inventoried, and sold to people who don't mind buying used replacement parts. Pulled parts often include transmissions, axles, batteries, engines, alternators, starters, doors, mirrors, bumpers, and hoods.

Recycled Parts

Not all salvageable car parts are processed easily after junk car removal. Some require careful attention in order to reduce hazardous risks. At least 98% of car batteries are recycled at salvage yards, but they contain toxic lead that must be removed and recycled. The plastic in batteries is also recycled into new batteries. Tires are recycled and often repurposed as highway asphalt, fuel, garden mulch, welcome mats, portable speed bumps, weightlifting plates, and playground material.


Junk car salvage companies remove a variety of fluids from junk cars to prevent them from polluting the environment further. Some of these fluids include fuel, antifreeze, Freon, oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. A typical junk car has a remarkable 5 to 10 gallons of fluid remaining in it before junk car removal. These fluids are recycled in many ways. Motor oil can be cleaned and repurposed as a lubricant or oil for power plants or furnaces. Contaminants are removed from antifreeze, and it is reconditioned so that it can be reused. Freon can be used again as a refrigerant if properly handled.

Sellable parts and fluids are only some of the items salvaged after a junk car removal. If you have a junk car you would like to sell, contact Kennedy Galluzzo Scrap Metal & Salvage, a reputable Brunswick junk car salvage company, and they will reclaim and recycle the components of your junk car.

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