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Recycle Your Scrap Metal for the Good of the Environment

Recycle Your Scrap Metal for the Good of the Environment We get only one earth, and she needs all the help we can give her to keep her healthy and beautiful forever and ever. And one way you can ensure that Mother Earth stays in the best possible shape is to recycle your scrap metal rather than simply tossing it. Here are a few environmental benefits of recycling scrap metal:

Reduce Gas Emissions

Compared with making metal items from raw materials, recycling uses far less energy. How much energy? Anywhere from 50 to 90 percent, depending on the material. And this reduced energy usage translates into reduced gas emissions, helping the environment in a big way.

Conserve Natural Resources

The production of gas emissions is not the only environmental concern inherent with manufacturing new metal products from raw materials. There's also the concern of using up natural resources. But you can help to reduce that overuse by recycling your old metal products.

Lessen Landfill Waste

If you opt to simply chuck your scrap metal, it's likely that it could wind up in a landfill. It's no great secret that landfills are terrible for the environment, so you'll want to reduce your contribution to them. And you can do so by opting to recycle your scrap metal rather than tossing it.

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