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What's Scrap Metal Anyway

What’s Scrap Metal Anyway You hear the term scrap metal every day, yet probably don’t know exactly what it is. Simply put, it’s a small piece of something, usually a single component as part of something bigger, often made of a different material.

So, for example, think about the belt buckle as the metal facet of your buckle. The buckle itself is probably leather or a fabric like canvas, but the buckle is metal.

It can also be the entire item, but generally a small item, like an aluminum can. Individually, it’s not much metal, but collect enough of it and you have something worth reprocessing.

When you’re considering items that could be used by a scrap metal and auto salvage business, there’s copper, steel, silver, iron, and nickel, just to name a few. It’s a way to repurpose the metal part of something that would otherwise be discarded, all while making a little money.

Where Does This Metal Come From?

There are plenty of places where you can find items to use for scrap metal salvage. However, some of the most common examples include:

  • Discarded Auto Parts – Which is why so many businesses that deal with scrap metal also deal with auto salvage. Think about the fact that there are over a billion cars in the world, currently. When a car breaks down or is totaled out in a collision, first, anything that’s useable for parts is kept. Then, the rest can be used as scrap metal.
  • Consumer Goods / Household Items – Your old refrigerator down to the smallest piece of aluminum foil, have two things in common. One, they can be found in your home. Two, they can be reprocessed as scrap metals.
  • Construction Waste – This can be classified by either leftovers from a new construction job, or old metals found during a demolition. Either way, the metals left behind that are too small or too old to use again, can be used as scrap metals.

Simply put, you can do your part to help recycle, all while making a few extra bucks. When it comes to Albany scrap metal, all you need to do is call on Kennedy Galluzzo Scrap Metal & Salvage, so do so, today.

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